Have you ever heard of the word, “muse”? Well, just to let you know, I’m not talking about that one person who has your heart. And before you think too far, the word, “muse” is one key factor I don’t joke with when it comes to writing.

I remember how difficult it was to find what exactly to write on when I began writing. In fact, many times, I would stare for so long, stand up, walk around, sleep, wake up, and then, hurriedly scribble some meaningful nonsense under so much tension at the eleventh hour. You can guess what was left of me after writing that way – too much headache to keep me sane!

Do you feel the same way too?

Now, as horrible as those experiences were, I am so grateful they didn’t kill me or push me to think writing was never made for me. The truth is, whatever you love, you’ve got to stick with it and keep finding ways to make it work for you. For me, writing was (and still is) what I never mind doing for life. It is my delivery tool; my key to many doors; my striking point. So, I realised I had to make the process better for me.

I saw writing as a big deal, and I couldn’t afford to always struggle with it. I had to find what brings me into my best self. I began to look for the one thing that would bring me to that point where writing would become super enjoyable to me – my muse.

So, here’s what I did!

Muse-finding #1

First, I tied what I love to writing. I’m so much in love with music. Good African jazz and hip-hop were my thing (and they still are). So, whenever it feels like writing isn’t coming forth, I just plug my ears; let the music ease my mind and get me into my “writing” self. You could find the view of ocean waves adorable, or do you love to draw, or dance? Whatever it is you love, bring writing into it.

I also observed that the mind could be very tricky. If you schedule writing as one of the “very serious” things in your life, you might feel highly reluctant to get yourself to write because your mind assumes it is a tasking endeavour. So, discover that one thing that would make writing fun for you.

Muse-finding #2

The second thing I did was to find my writing space. A writing space could be a location, a moment in time, or a state of mind. It is good when you have a space in your home/office prepared for writing. It works wonders on the brain and sets your mind ready to write. More importantly, find that time of the day in which you write seamlessly.

For me, I write so well early in the mornings, when there is little or no distraction (around 4/5am). I also discover that the same time frame works best for me in the evenings. This doesn’t mean I can’t write at any other time of the day, but I may have to struggle compared to when I write within my writing space. So, you should also find that time when writing comes to you without stress; build your schedule around it, and maximise that time for good productivity.

Muse-finding #3

Lastly, I found the importance of good food and rest, and I gave myself to it. Writing can really be mentally draining. Trust me, you don’t want to get into that state where you get feverish without knowing what to write all because you are starved. When you don’t eat well or rest well, you might really struggle to write well. So, feed yourself with healthy brain foods to get your mind active – you may just find a writing muse in the process.

Now, what?

So, are you still looking for what your writing muse is, you just don’t know how to begin to write seamlessly, or you keep getting stuck while writing?

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Hope you found this enlightening? Let’s share your views in the comment section below!

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