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Whether your document is a novel, contract, brochure, presentation, business plan, research paper, CV, email… whatever kind of document you want to edit or proofread, our team of editors — ranging from those with Education in the English Language to those who have worked as professional editors, copyeditors and proofreaders for several years in different organizations — will give your document a professional touch.


Why choose TEBEBA?

With our numerous customers across Africa, Asia and Europe, and with our team of educated and experienced editors and proofreaders, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction.

By us, your document will be brilliantly edited and proofread to meet international standards — besides, you don’t want to toy with the editing of your manuscript if you are an author or a soon-to-be author.

A quick visit to Amazon will show you how books with poor editing get poor remarks and feedback from readers. No matter how powerful your message is, if the editing of your manuscript is poorly done, your readers may not get your core message.

Another reason you should choose TEBEBA is that we allow a minimum of two professional editors to go through your manuscript to make it typo-free.

In addition, we work alongside you throughout the process. As such, we will submit your manuscript to you to review, and we are ready to make adjustments where necessary.

Our Editing Process

> Send your manuscript to us for review so that we can give you a quote

> Then make payment so that work can commence

> When the job is done, we'll send the document to your email within the stipulated turnaround time. The document will be prepared such that you will be able to see the changes and improvements made — in editing, we call this track changes.

Our Editing Packages

Basic/Proofreading Package

This package involves the correcting of spelling errors, wrong use of punctuation and also grammatical errors.

At the end of the job, both the tracked and the untracked manuscript will be provided.

Standard/Copyediting Package

In this package, our editors deals with identifying, solving clarity and accuracy issues such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, subject-verb tense,  word usage etc. The editors also look into resolving inconsistencies in format, and language style even while preserving your tone and meaning.

After the copy-editing phase, your work will be proofread. At the conclusion of the job, both the tracked and untracked manuscripts will be provided.

Premium/ Substantive Editing package

The premium package considers the organization, strength, presentation, clarification, restructuring, and paragraphing of your manuscript. We also carefully look into the chapters, plots, subplots, tenses, point of view, characters, flow and consistency of our author’s work.

At the end of a substantive editing, the work will be copy edited, and finally proofread. Then the tracked and untracked copies will be provided.

In every editing phase, our joy is to ensure your work is excellently and beautifully done to your taste as much as fitting into the world-class standard. At the end of each job done, detailed feedback will be provided.

You want to turn your manuscript into a masterpiece?

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