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Do you want your audiobook to gain massive visibility on the internet? 
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At TEBEBA, our aim is not just to publish and print for authors, but we recognize the importance of the internet in helping authors build their influence, make more impact and generate more income. And these are what this package will help you to achieve. 
With our Audiobook Production & Distribution Package, you can publish your book into audiobook & distributed on major international book platforms in the world. This will give more access to your book, thereby helping you to build your influence, make more impact and increase your income. 

Production Services:

The Studio Session

Editing & Fine-tuning Audiobook

Voice Over by Voice Narrator

Audiobook Cover Design

Audiobook Mock-ups 

Audiobook Promotional Designs

Publishing & Distribution Platforms

We’ll publish and distribute your book on all the following platforms

What You Get

Note: You don’t need to have a foreign bank account to sign up for this package. This package can help you to start earning foreign currencies. We’ll show you how. 

Benefits of this Package

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