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Our variety of services coupled with our wealth of experience help us serve our numerous clients in ways best suited for their peculiar needs and goals.

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Are you a busy professional or a pastor? Do you have ideas but you don’t know how to compile them into book format?

Web Design_2 (2)

Website Design

A Shopping Mall or a kiosk, which one would you consider buying an original wristwatch from? Think about it. Would…

Graphics Design (2)

Graphics Design

Do you need professional graphics for your content? Then you need this..


e-Book publication

Are you done with writing your manuscript? Would you like to proceed with the printing of the book? 

Content Research & Dev. (1)

Content Development

Content is King? No. Not all content definitely. Only excellent content rules. You can’t afford to dish out content the same way your..

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Book Publishing

Are you done with writing your book? Are you sure? Wait, are you so sure? If you’re not so sure…



Warning! Dear Marketer/Entrepreneur, This is your unfair advantage. No longer do you need to sit by and watch your competition steal your..

Editing and Proofreading (1)

Editing and Proofreading

Don’t publish that written work without proper editing.Most humans judge a book by its cover but they judge the author.. 


Coaching service

You need a writing coach? Get one now! Writing is a mental draining skill but imagine the joy you’d feel by knowing how to write …


It started as a dream but today TEBEBA is a publishing, personal developmental, digital and media company. Through our respective services, we are committed to helping you birth your writing dreams, build your brand and improve your business.
Our e-learning platform is Exceptional Being Academy, where we teach individuals how to become exceptional writers and leaders in their respective fields. 
Our vision is to become the leading publishing firm in Africa.
Our mission is to help individuals and organisations achieve their writing dreams, improve their businesses and increase their impact on their customers to remain loyal to them. 
We are glad to have you here. Contact us now, our team of experts are waiting to assist you in deciding what services are best for your personal goals, career and business. 



Customers reviews

“Emmanuel and his team worked tirelessly to see to the successful completion of my book C-MYTH. They were even involved in the official book launch. They go far and beyond what you ask or even expect. I will be working with them in the future."
Peter Oloje
"TEBEBA is the best place for your editing and publishing works. All my books were edited and published by TEBEBA and I was never disappointed by their exceptional works."
Pst. Adedoye
"Are you an author or you are in need of an editor and publisher to help you bring out your message and make your book a demanding one? TEBEBA Global Services is the right one for you." When I sent my manuscript to TEBEBA for publishing, I must confess that my message and book were beautified and done professionally.
Joseph Kehinde
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