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TEBEBA is Africa's award-winning writing and publishing firm, providing exceptional writing and publishing solutions to authors, professionals and leaders globally. It was founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, a writer and publisher.

After many months of struggling in order to become an author, Emmanuel eventually unlocked the key to becoming a celebrated author. Ever since then, he decided to be the solution for other people. Hence, that was how TEBEBA was birthed.

Our Motto

Home of exceptional possibilities. 

Our Mission

To help individuals and organisations achieve their writing & publishing dreams so they achieve the results they most desire.

Our Vision

To be the number one Writing & Publishing firm in Africa. 

Our Aim

To bring your writing & publishing dreams to reality. 

Our Goal

To GET you PUBLISHED, MAKE MORE IMPACT and BUILD YOUR INCOME, through publishing assets.

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Through our respective services, we are committed to helping individuals and corporate bodies to birth their writing & publishing dreams so that they can achieve the results they desire.

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