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As a business owner or an individual, the importance of content writing for your business or personal brand can’t be overemphasized. There is no business today that doesn’t require the solutions content writing provides. 
Whether you run an online business or a physical one — whether you are a professional or an entrepreneur — you will need different writing solutions at different stages of your life and business. And that’s what content writing helps you to achieve. 
Whether you want a content to get a grant or to attract a business opportunity, whether it’s blog content or social media content to help build your brand, content is key. Little wonder it’s said that “Content is KING.”
In today’s world, content is indeed king and you can’t do without it. Many businesses have failed and gone into extinction because the owners of such businesses didn’t pay attention to content writing. 
Likewise, many opportunities have been lost because of lack of content writing. For this not to happen to you or your business, that’s why at TEBEBA, we’ve created different writing packages to suit our amazing clients. 

So, irrespective of the content writing services you need, we can deliver exceptional content writing solutions to you via these packages:

TEBEBA Blogging Package (TBP)

Is your blog dead? Do you struggle to publish new content on your blog? Do you want to outsmart your competition by having an effective blog for your business? Do you want to build a community of raving customers through your blog?

TEBEBA Social Content Package (TSCP)

Too busy to write your social media content? Can't keep up with writing on social media amongst several other things you do? You want your social media accounts to be very active with written content that will help you build your business, while you focus on other important matters to you? Then hire us to be your writer. We'll help you create highly engaging content that will help build your brand and attract more customers to you.

TEBEBA Website Content Package (TWCP)

Are you worried about your web content? Do you need help in creating your website content? Are you in search of a professional content writer that will handle your web content? Hire TEBEBA writers to work with you today.

TEBEBA Article Writing Package (TAWP)

Hire us for your done-for-you articles. Whether you want to submit an article to attract one opportunity or you want to write it for other reasons, we've got amazing in-house writers who will create articles for you. Hire TEBEBA now.

TEBEBA Email Writing Package (TEWP)

Are you starving members of your email list of valuable content? We can help you feed them with rich email content. Hire us to write your daily or weekly email newsletter.

Business Proposal Writing Package

Seal that next deal with our exceptional proposal writing package. We can prepapre any proposal you want for your business.

TEBEBA Speech Writing Package (TSWP)

Let's write your next speech for you.


Let's write a professional CV for you.

Benefits of Our Content Writing Packages

Why You Should Choose US


We don’t toy with deadlines. Based on the type of content you want us to work on, we will agree on a deadline with you and deliver at the agreed time.


As a legally registered firm in Nigeria, we are strictly confidential. To this effect, there will be a signed document.


We will do all the writing while you take ownership of the intellectual property. We will also sign an agreement on this as well.


Our fees are quite affordable compared to what other firms charge


We are experts at what we do. So, we will help you birth your thoughts or ideas, just the way you will love them.

Unique Voice

We will write in your tone and maintain the uniqueness of your message.

No plagiarism

We don’t plagiarise; we frown against such. Every research we do while writing your manuscript will be properly referenced.

All We Need From You


It is necessary you carry us along in what you will have us do. Know the information you wish to write and share the idea with us.


At TEBEBA, we work together with our clients, hence, you will need to create time to review your work and revert to us when necessary.

You will provide us with any material you know will help us capture your intent better.

Our Assurance

At TEBEBA, we undeniably have the best team of writers who can consistently create exceptional writing solutions for you.

Document Specifications

We write our manuscripts in Microsoft Word document format, New Time Roman font, size 14.

How To Get Started

Our procedures are simple and quick. You can get started with us right away with these quick and simple steps:
1. We will conduct a quick consultation with you to know what you want. 
2. You will show your commitment by making part payment.
3. You will send us the details and information to work with, and we will proceed with work.
4. When work is done, we will send it to you to review. 
At TEBEBA, we work alongside our clients in order to help birth the exact results they desire.
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