Are you a busy professional or a pastor?

Do you have ideas but you don't know how to compile them into book format?

Have you ever wished you had a book written based on a spark in your heart but you’ve never had the time nor the inspiration to get the work done?

 Then come along, book an appointment with us as we show you a smart way used by reputable authors with so many books already published, without having to break into cold sweat staring blankly at their notepads.

For busy professionals like you who get down to work most of the day and then prepare for the next day while also trying to find time for their families, friends and loved ones, writing a complete book can be a nightmare.

The book ideas fly about in your head with absolutely no restraints blurring your productive moments, while your hands find it hard catching the right words down in the perfect order you perceive they should be.

But that doesn’t stop big authors such as John C. Maxwell with dozens of books in the field of Leadership from delivering great values to the world in the form of books.


Yes I Would Like To Hire One Of Your Professional Now

John C. Maxwell

is a coach, a trainer and a speaker. He’s authored over 70 books, yet most of his best -selling books weren’t written by him. How can that be possible? Perhaps you ask. It’s no magic. Maxwell is just a smart man who is on a long term partnership with a professional writer who works with him, gets his ideas organised and transforms them into great books.

In simple terms, with our team of professional ghostwriters, we relieve you of the hard work of bringing out your beautiful ideas in literary form by creatively using professional writing techniques.

When we are done with your work, we simply hand it over to you for publishing with your own name as the author…and you remain the rightful author since the original idea came from you.

Our own job is mainly to help you achieve your dreams of having a book filled with quality and unique contents written based on your original idea and in your personal flow of thoughts, using techniques that are consistent with international based practices.

As you as well know, writing a book yourself coupled with constantly delivering quality to your audience and running your day to day business can be a trip to frustration.

You get home late in the night after battling through endless traffic; your spouse needs your attention while your daughter wants you to help her with her homework.

You still have a major presentation due for the next day waiting for your inputs. Plus, you just remembered it is your favourite’s cousin’s birthday and you really need to call. Now you still need to rest; and pop! The book idea that has been running up and down your mind starts playing again…

That’s great except that after getting all the other tasks done and settling down to pen something down before you sleep, your mind just seems to shut off.

The book idea is still dancing but your pen has refused to dance along to what seems like an alien song.

You start your system, maybe your Word Processor will do some magic…but hell no.

After 45 minutes of scribbling and cancelling off unimpressive chunks of text, you frustratingly retire to your bed only to have the idea rudely intruding into your dreams.

The first day goes, the second goes too and that’s how days turn to weeks, then months and sometimes years with you still hung up with your dancing idea locked up in your head.

That is exactly why the cemetery is regarded as the wealthiest place on earth. A lot of people spend their entire lives with bottled up creative ideas only dancing in their heads and eventually never get them out till death comes along and steal them away.

So many young minds have lost it thinking there will always be time for them to execute their ideas, only to have their wonderful lives cut short by terminal diseases or accidents.

Don’t die full of unpublished books, many lives, contact us today, many destinies are tied to the publication of that your little gift to the world. Die empty!

Just imagine Myles Munroe never published his books hoping for more time. Just imagine Williams Shakespeare was waiting till the perfect moment. Or imagine if the various contributing authors of the Holy Books never got to pen down those inspirations and history… Just imagine. What would the world look like?

Lives are influenced positively when the positive books are written. Broken homes are restored, poverty is destroyed, ideas are put to good use, history is preserved and values conserved for the use of those coming behind.

According to Julian Mantle in the great book, The Monk who Sold His Ferrari; the purpose of every man in life is to serve others and leave the world better than he met it. You know as well as I do that a book written for the right audience with the right content goes a long way to get that purpose fulfilled.

Apostle Paul, the author of most of the New Testament letters, before his death was able to declare boldly: “I’ve finished my race”. That statement is most likely connected to his accomplishment in ensuring that important messages have been communicated by his famous letters which has now been read by different generations.

Don’t allow the greatness in you go to waste due to non-availability of time. The Giant in you can still be awakened.

All you have to do is communicate that idea in your mind to us and trust us to do justice to carefully delivering your beautiful gift to the world in written format.


Why Tebeba Global Services?

There are several ghostwriters out there who also claim to be professionals. But one mistake they often make is that they don’t write in the tone and spirit of the author and this is what we are set out to do.

We will help you get your thoughts and messages into book without compromising the tone, integrity and objective of your message. This is what set us apart from other ghost writing agencies.

When you trust us with your book idea or your content development concept, what we do immediately is to match it with a team of experienced writers who in turn work with you to craft the idea out in literary form—following your thought flow pattern by utilising the best writing technique suitable to the project.

Our Vision is to give fine-tuned voices to those with unsung lyrics buried in them. We are here to showcase your expertise in your field to the world and stand you out as an authority.

Become an AUTHORity today. Free your mind of the worries of seeing the piles of unfinished projects lying on your desk.

Let’s talk about that project now, book an appointment with us.


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