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We take the stress of writing off you and help you write that your bestselling book, while you focus on other important matters to you.

Have your project completed in 3 months or less

We can complete your project between 3 days to 3 months, depending on its scope.

Beat deadlines and submit your project on time

No matter how intensive your writing project is, we can deliver as and when due. Our team works tirelessly to complete your project before the deadline.

Your voice, tone and style reflected in words

We write in your voice. Our job is to listen and identify your voice, tone and style, and convey them in writing to your audience. Your audience will only hear and read your voice.

Surprise and impress your audience

Wow and impress your audience with rich-in-quality information communicated to them effectively. Our experienced team of professional ghostwriters conduct thorough research on your project topic, purpose and audience to provide them with quality content that will help achieve your end goal for the project.

Relax and focus on other aspects of your job

You want to write but have no time because of other obligations and duties you're saddled with? You have great ideas but don't know how to put them in words? Whatever your situation may be, with us you don't have to worry about your project. We are experts and this is our job!

We respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality

We are very discreet with every information you give us. We also take no credit for your project. Once completed, the project is yours, written in your name.

You Need a Ghostwriter because…

> You have a message to pass across but you don’t have time to write.

> You know you have a solution to proffer to a problem but you don’t have the necessary writing skills to put out those solutions.

> You have business ideas that will change the economy for better, but you lack the writing prowess needed to exercise those ideas.

> Your mind is saturated with ideas, messages, and solutions needed to be shared with others, but your schedule will not just afford you the time to write.

All these limitations are restraining you from…

> Reaching and sharing your expertise with a wider audience;

> Promoting and showcasing your business;

> Increasing your streams of income;

> Being regarded as an expert in your field by your colleagues and audience…

You need a team of ghostwriters who understand and can help you overcome the obstacles standing between you and the manifestation of your ideas in writing.

A team that can help you maximize your opportunities and effectively utilize your platform.

We at TEBEBA believe that nothing should stop you from exploring your ideas and sharing your message. We understand your worries, and our goal is to make them disappear. We are here to serve you right! 

We have ghostwritten several projects across various fields from religion to personal development...

We are experienced experts, taking your ideas and fleshing them up with words written in your voice. 

We give objective feedback on your writing idea, allay your fears and assist in fine- tuning till it becomes perfect. 

Although we’ll make your draft as error-free as possible, it still requires proper editing (a service we offer). For an additional price, our team of editors and proof-readers ensure your project is written in impeccable English which flows seamlessly from start to finish. We offer publishing services in both print and e-book format (for an additional price). We’ll help effectively package and present your work to a wider audience. 

Let’s help your idea blossom into magnificence. 

Our ghostwriting process

(Depending on the urgency and/or simplicity of the project, some of the steps below may be skipped in the work process.)

Contact us

Please complete the form below, telling us a little bit about yourself, the work you would like us to do and how urgent it is.

We begin discussion

We'll give you a payment quote and work out a payment schedule that suits your needs and budget based on the type of project you want us to work on.

Your ideas, in details

We'll have a conversation to know you better, identify and be familiar with your voice, tone and style. We'll also discuss your ideas further, and note your expectations and desires.

Contract and confidentiality

After finalizing the discussion and agreeing to work together, we'll send you a contract which details the terms and conditions of work, including the protection of client privacy and confidentiality; and the term that prohibits us from taking any credit for your work.

The writing process

The writing process will include a series of discussions done at your convenience and around your schedule. We will carry out research to develop your ideas and once we are done writing, we will send you the work to review as quick as possible.

The final draft

Once you're satisfied with the first draft of your manuscript, we'll hand it over to you. We'll make it as error-free as possible but it would still require professional editing. If you opt for our editing services (for an additional fee), we'll send it for editing and proof-reading and hand over the final draft to you.

Let’s start work on your project immediately… 

Complete the form below. (Or send a WhatsApp message to +2348186808323 in case of urgency).

Express my ideas in writing.

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