On a warm spring afternoon, two young ministers of God met inside a church after a Bible study service, when the church was almost empty. The first minister, waiting for his wife who was in the women’s meeting, was reading a spiritual book when the other came.

They sat together and conversed, each sharing his dreams.

“It is my dream to one day publish a book, something that would shake the world like this one in my hand,” the first minister who had been reading a book said after a while of talking about other things.

“I’ve read this book too; it’s very powerful,” the second minister replied. “A Man Walking in Purpose… The book provided the foundation for my path and ministry today.”

“My book would anchor on the insights God has been giving me from the scriptures and would bless the world,” the first minister added.

“I hope I can write one too someday but I don’t even know the first thing about writing a book,” the second minister muttered.

The wives of both ministers then came as their women’s meeting had ended, bringing their discussion to a close.

Thirty years later, both ministers met again in a program and were now Overseers of different ministries.

They sat and conversed about their ministries and dreams, and the faithfulness of God towards them. As they were about parting ways, the second minister handed a book authored by him to the first minister who received it with a look of longing.

“I first shared my hopes of someday writing a book but it turned out that it was you who has published tens of them while I have published none,” the first minister said.

“It’s been God’s grace,” the second minister replied, smiling.

“What’s your secret? You are so busy attending programs and always on the move; how did you get to write all these books despite these numerous commitments?” the first minister asked, raising his brows.  “Ministry has not afforded me time to even complete one book.”

The second minister smiled, “I use ghostwriters.”

“Blood of Jesus! What is that?” The first minister was taken aback.

“A ghostwriter is an experienced writer who uses his/her expertise to help others write their books without losing their tone or message.”

“Wow! How does that work?”

“Simple. I send voice messages, texts and notes stating what I want my ghostwriters to write and how to go about it, and they do so, taking the stress off me.”

“Wow!” the first minister said again. “Apart from the fact that you’ve been able to change lives with your books, you’ve also made millions from selling them. I think I’ll follow your step.”

With the first minister still wowed and the second smiling, they both parted ways.


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