Seeing how excited I was about the solutions we are bringing to the publishing industry, a dear friend recently asked me; “Why Publishing?”

I Never Thought of Becoming a Publisher

That’s a question I love answering!

Unlike how publishing started for many people, I never even thought of becoming a publisher. If I was told 6 or 7 years ago that I’d become a publisher, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But why then am I so passionate about providing topnotch publishing solutions today?

I Just Wanted to Become an Author

It all began when I wanted to publish my book back in 2016.
I knew it was time for me to become an author. I knew I had a message to turn into a book.

The goal was so heavy on my mind. I never desired anything else that year than to become an author.

Publishing Seemed Impossible

But as clear as my goal was, it seemed like an impossible feat. There were not many people providing such services at that time, and for those I met, I could not afford the fee at the time.

It a challenging moment for me. I signed up for competitions, in hope that I could, through that become an author, but all my efforts proved abortive.

Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. And towards the end of that year, I cracked the code and published by first book.

Wow! You can imagine my feeling. It was my greatest achievement that year.

In two months time, I published another book again and since then, I’ve been mastering the art of world class publishing.

Tebeba Was Birthed

It was that experience that made me realize that there were many people like me who were having such problems. And that was exactly what led me into publishing.

In fact, that was how TEBEBA was birthed. So if you have been wondering how this company came to being, this is the story.

This is why it’s not surprising that we’ll keep giving the very best when it comes to writing and publishing in the publishing industry.

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