Years ago, when I first heard the word, “ghostwriting,” I had a very weird opinion about it. I never liked the concept of hiring a ghostwriter to write a book. (It’s obvious that then, I didn’t know any better.) So, if you’ve always had an ill feeling towards hiring a ghostwriter, I understand your plight quite well. I assure that when you are done consuming the content of this article, you would clearly see the importance of a ghostwriter and the necessity of hiring one.

Anyone Can Hire a Ghostwriter

Most times, we often recommend hiring ghostwriters to those who are not skillful in writing. However, hiring a ghostwriter is not restricted to this category of would-be authors. You may be perfect in writing proficiently, and may have even written tons of books before, but if writing a particular book is proving to be hard, you might as well hire a ghostwriter.

You may be involved in several activities that crave your attention, including your job, managing your business, organizing seminars, having speaking engagements, setting up meetings with investors, and so on, which choke your day that you barely have enough time to write down your thoughts. In this situation, you need not beat yourself so hard; there is an easy way out, which is simply to hire a ghostwriter.

The issue of having to work with a ghostwriter who would do a thorough job on your book, just as you have envisioned may arise in your mind right now. As such, you may be afraid as to whether to give out your book to a ghostwriter to handle. This issue, however, would not even arise if you make thorough findings for standard firms known for their ghostwriting prowess. (You can read my previous article where I talked about the explicit work of a ghostwriter.)

Your Best Book is Probably Ghostwritten

You may find it hard to believe that many of the popular authors well-known today, who have their books on the New York Best Seller and International Best Seller, had many of their books ghostwritten. The famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, authored by Stephen R. Covey, was ghostwritten. Likewise, The 360 Degree Leader, authored by John C. Maxwell; Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson; Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump were also ghostwritten.

The author of the Nancy Drew series was a brilliant writer who wrote many books in the series. But at a time, she, Carolyn Keene, needed the help of a ghostwriter and so, engaged one. If you have read the series written by her, and then the one by the ghostwriter, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. There was a pure capturing of the author’s voice.

So, Why Hire A Ghostwriter?

You get your book authored even in your busy schedule

The truth is this: authors who have had their books ghostwritten are very effective and value-oriented personalities who are keen on impacting the world. With multimillion-dollar businesses to run, they might never be able to write a book by themselves, or at best, just a few. But by hiring a ghostwriter, hundreds of books can be credited to their name. That’s the gap that hiring a ghostwriter helps to bridge, which I term “working smart”.

You can pour your energy on other things that are salient to you while you allow the ghostwriter have all the headache you would have supposedly had if you were to write the book. With this, you add more trophies, you become much productive and your dream of impacting the world is fulfilled.

The speed of accomplishment

Imagine if you are to write a book of about 300- 400 pages with your schedule, how many months do you think it will take you? Six? Eight? Twelve? Or maybe eighteen, or even more? I have seen authors who have battled for years to birth a single book. Why would you want to go through such stress when things can be done in a much easier way? Funnily, after about two or three years of laboring on one book, many still don’t get to finish the manuscript.

Let’s say you hire a ghostwriter to work on your book, you can get your manuscript in six months. In fact, some ghostwriting firms like Tebeba Global Publishing can get it done for you in less than the standard time. Now imagine the brilliant ideas you have inside you, which you need to turn into great books, hiring a ghostwriter then means you can author nothing less than two books a year or even more. Amazing!

You have more quality manuscript

In as much as the ghostwriter you are hiring is a very experienced one, you have no cause for alarm. You are sure that a thorough and in-depth research will be done to give your book a well-seasoned content. That in itself would raise your profile not only as an author but also as a bestseller.

Hire Us Now!

At Tebeba Global Publishing, we have had the great honour of working with tremendous authors through our ghostwriting services. When it comes to the speed of delivery, we have beat several records and we can clearly say that we deliver without fail! It doesn’t matter whether you are skilled at writing or not, or whether you run a busy schedule or not; we are well able to help achieve your writing dream. Or maybe you can’t seem to put down your idea on paper, we are glad to work with you.

With our team of highly experienced writers, you can be sure of a quality manuscript delivered to you. Tebeba is in existence so that your dream of authoring books can be actualised.

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