Become an Author Without Writing a Single Book

Become an author without writing a book?

There are many possibilities in the world today that probably wasn’t thought of several years ago. I mean, who would have thought that it would ever be possible to communicate verbally to someone thousands of kilometers away without seeing him/her physically? Who would ever have believed that we would cover large distances in travel within just a few minutes? What an amazing world! Each day, impossibilities keep unfolding to become great possibilities.

You can author a book without writing one

Gone are the days when it was impossible to become an author without scribbling your thoughts on paper and ink. I can boldly say that presently, there is nothing as easy as authoring a book without writing one.

I guess at this point, there’s just one question that needs to be answered in your heart – do you want to become an author? If your answer is yes, then I say a big congratulations to you. Soonest, I will explain how you can without you having to write a word down; just stay with me and enjoy.

It’s very easy!

Now that you are certain that you want to become an author, every other excuse that may arise is seemingly unnecessary. Wait! Just before you start to raise your eyebrows, I might just spit out your thoughts. You are probably thinking: only if this lady knows how busy I am, right? Well, I won’t assume that I know so much about your daily schedule. But one thing I know for sure is that I have seen very busy folks who have authored many books without writing a line of those books.

You might even be saying: If only I’m skilled at writing…

Does this sound like you? Do you think that not being skilled as a writer is a bane to your authorship? Again, I say to you, there are thousands of unskilled writers who are now authors. Simply put, you don’t need to have any formal certification as a writer before you can author your dream books.

The way out is Ghostwriting!

Every impossibility that you see as an obstacle to you authoring a book is turned to possibility with the help of a ghostwriter. Isn’t that amazing? A ghostwriter is one who is hired to write literary pieces, such as articles, books, blog posts, etc., and receives no official credit for the work(s) produced. A ghostwriter helps you fulfill your writing and authoring dream. How do I mean? He helps you give a voice, which is your voice, to your book, while you take a hundred percent credit for being the author. A ghostwriter is your mercenary; he takes all the stress, timelessness, and unskillfulness off you with his professionalism and yet, takes no credit for your book.


If you hire a ghostwriter to ghostwrite for you, the contract between you two comes with a high level of confidentiality. He has no right to take a portion of your book for his personal use nor disclose your identity as someone he has ghostwritten for in the public, unless otherwise stated in the contract that was signed by you both. So, if you are concerned about people knowing that you never wrote the book you authored, throw off the worry now because that can never happen in ghostwriting. You own the copyright to your book.

It’s written in your voice

The beautiful thing about ghostwriting is that the books are written in the actual voice of the author and not the ghostwriters. You have a message, and certainly, you have a voice (the way you speak, sound, and are perceived by others). This would be infused into your book if ghostwritten. Ghostwriters are professionals who have trained so well to master your voice and present your message to the world the same way you would have if you were to write it in person.

We are your best-ghostwriting plug

Tebeba Global Publishing is one firm that has helped many authors and authors-to-be accomplish their dreams. We have worked hand in hand with authors who either weren’t skilled or run busy schedules to get their message across to their audience via books. We could mention various authors we have worked with, but the confidentiality of the profession wouldn’t permit that.

If you are willing to get your book authored, then we are the best ghostwriting firm that you can possibly work with. We understand how passionate you are about getting your ideas out in a book and hence, would help clear off any obstacle on your path to achieving it. It is our call to ghostwrite authors’ books while they take the credit for it. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing a bright smile on the faces of our authors. We believe that your message is unique and must be shared with the world.

Are you interested in working with a ghostwriter and want to know more about our ghostwriting services? With us at Tebeba Global Publishing, your dream of becoming an author without you having to write a book can be realised. Reach out to us today here.

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