It’s no more news that life isn’t just about the paperbacks. These days, you’ll find out that many more authors now unravel their realities in the benefits of having electronic books that can reach a wider audience in little or no time. Beyond that, they have realised that the sales are faster with e-publishing, and it is quite easy for their audience to purchase. So, why not?

As a matter of fact, many authors seem to prefer to publish electronic books, rather than consulting a printing press. This is especially true of those who have had seemingly bad experiences and frustration in the course of terrible traditional publishing services. Perhaps, you’ve also experienced this.

E-Publishing Sites to Help you Out

Seeing that there are now sufficient reasons to get on with e-publishing, you definitely would need to know a number of sites to help realise your dream. And if you are just about to start publishing, I assure you this would be of great help.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon’s self-publishing platform is widely known for its effectiveness and efficiency. I think it’s also good to know that there are millions of authors who use this platform. Beyond these, you have the option to publish in print or electronically.

Apple Books

Uploading your books is free on this platform. You can also leverage on iBooks Author to publish and create your e-books. However, it may be a little challenging to make sales like you might want.

Barnes and Noble Press

The formerly-known-as NOOK Press has come really easy on authors. You can freely publish your books on this site. Beyond this, you can also create promotion campaigns as you wish on Barnes and Noble.


This platform has got the means to help you reach your audience wherever they are. However, they don’t distribute to Amazon, and using Smashwords would have you format your book all by yourself, which may not be so easy.

Lulu Press

Publishing on Lulu gives you diverse formats, colours and sizes for your book. Isn’t that interesting? You can be sure it is! Also, it offers you the options to publish either in print or as an e-book.

Now That you Know…

E-publishing has been a great relief to many authors. And if you are just starting out as an author, you can be sure that there are numerous exciting platforms ready to work with you on this journey. Although there are other good e-publishing sites than these five, you should check them out first as tried and trusted platforms.

So, do you wish to start your publishing journey as soon as you can, and your dream is to get your books on exceptional e-publishing sites? Then, you should register with us here. Trust me, it’s time for you to join other bestselling authors on our train across the world.

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