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COURSES we offer

Effective writing mastery - N6,500

You want to improve your writing skills and become a writing guru? This is the only course you need. 

Writing Monetization Masterclass - N10,500

Wondering how to start making money consistently from your writing skills? This is the guaranteed training that will show you practical strategies to making money from writing.

Writer's Block Crusher Course - N3,500

Are you suffering from writer’s block? Do you have great passion for writing but you can’t just overcome your writing block? This course will cure you.

Book Publishing Masterclass - N21,000

This is the first course you should have taken and the last course you would ever need for your book publishing solutions.

Book Marketing Masterclass - N10,500

Do you have a book but you don’t know how to make more money from it? This is the only course you need.

Content Development & Research Course - N7,500

Become a professional content developer. Sign up for this course.

Earn From Your Talent Masterclass - N5,500

Do you have a talent you believe you can earn from but you just don’t know how to start? This course will show you the way.

Purpose Masterclass - N5,500

Do you believe in the subject of purpose but you don’t just know how to live a purpose-driven life? This course will show you how.

Animation Course - N5,500

Do you know you can become a professional video animator and make more money for yourself just by using your phone? This course will show you how.

WhatsApp Business Masterclass - N5,000

Are you on WhatsApp? Would you like to start earning money from your WhatsApp messenger? This is the only course you need.

Facebook Monetization Mastery - N5,000

If you are on Facebook and you aren’t earning money from it, then you are leaving money on the table. This course will help you turn your Facebook app to a money-making machine.

Moneymaking Strategies Course- N16,500

You want to learn the various ways you can make money legitimately? Take this course.

How To Sell & Close Masterclass- N5,500

Do you have a product or a service but getting regular clients is difficult for you? This is the course you have been waiting for. 

Copywriting Mastery 101: How to write sales copy that sells - N6,500

Become a professional copywriter and learn how to write a copy that sells.

Copywriting Mastery 102: How to make make money from copywriting- N7,500

Become a copywriter and learn how to make more money as a copywriter. Sign up for this course.

Relationship Mastery - N5,500

As a creative or thought leader, there’s little you can achieve if you haven’t mastered how to maintain a great relationship. This is why you need a course like this. 

Book-title Mastery - N5,000

Master how to write a catchy and an irresistible book title that will always make your book sell out. Take this course now.

Writing Mastery - N5,000

Want to learn the basics of mastering your writing craft? This course will help you.

Blog Your Way To Influence & Money Course - N20,000

Begin your blogging career with this course. Take this course now.

Mastering The Rules Of Writing - N5,000

You want to learn the simple but effective rules of writing? This is the course you need. Take it now. 

How To Write Copies For Your Book - N5,000

You want to learn how to write copy that will always help you to sell your book as an author? This is the course you need. Take it now.

Online Course Creation Mastery - N25,000

Learn how to create your own online course and start making more income for yourself. 

Fiction Mastery Course - N4,000

Become a professional fiction writer. This is the course you’ve been waiting for. Take it now. 

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