Your Book Is The New Business Card

You are at a networking event when you come across a thought leader in your field who you’ve been following for some time. Naturally, you approach them, strike up small conversation and exchange business cards with them before parting ways.

A business card, like the name implies, is a small card that contains relevant information about an individual and the nature of their business. With the aid of a card, prospects can reach you, network with you and even recommend your services to others. 

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It is no different with your book. When you publish your book, it goes beyond becoming an author; it provides you with an avenue to stay in touch with the world. As an author, your published book is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal and in this article, we’ll be considering exactly how big of a role it plays. Your book serves as a business card in the following ways:

  1. It establishes your credibility

When you hear the name “John C. Maxwell”, what comes to mind? If your answer is an expert on leadership and personal development then you’re right. Through his books, we’ve come to see him as an expert in leadership and personal development. The details, stories, facts and tips in his books show that a lot of time, effort and resources went into their production; this reveals a certain level of intentionality. He provides an insider perspective on any field he chooses to address and offers practical suggestions that you cannot help but acknowledge his expertise. This is not a feat solely reserved for John Maxwell. 

Any author, especially those who also employ the services of reputable publishing companies such as TEBEBA, will have this courtesy extended to them. Your book is a digital or physical representation of your ideas, knowledge and expertise; you could say that a book backs up your claims of expertship. A reader need only pick it up to conclude on your authority and expertise in a field. 

  1. Reveals your writing style

As humans, we have unique personalities, tastes and tendencies which influence how we interact with the world around us and makes us distinct individuals. Even identical twins that share one DNA show off pronounced differences in their behaviours, personalities, and how they approach life. This distinctness shapes and influences everything we do – writing is not left out.

A perusal of your work will reveal your writing style, tone and voice which are unique to you. Writing is an intimate form of expression because it gives insight into your personality, beliefs, values, writing patterns, narrative styles, emotional intelligence, sense of humour, and even your level of proficiency in the skill. You can liken publishing a book to putting yourself on display before a crowd of strangers; these strangers will be able to make informed decisions about you just by spending some time with you.

Now, you can recognize the unique style and voice of a writer in the same way that you can easily make out the laughter or voice of a friend. This is because of their distinct style and approaches to the skill.

  1. It gives you a professional profile

A professional profile is an outline of your education, work experience, skills, achievement and expertise as a professional. The profile establishes your credibility, showcases your expertise and builds your reputation. 

Publishing a book establishes your authority and expertise in your field. A glance at your book reveals your level of expertise, efforts you put into researching it and also offers an insight into your writing and communication skills. This will make you a likely option when organizations are seeking eloquent and effective communicators in your field. A book establishes your credibility, tells you apart from your competitors, create a legacy in your name and even open you up to new opportunities such as speaking engagements and consulting services to name a few. 

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  1. Opens you to new opportunities

Your journey as an author doesn’t end with publishing your book; it is a continual process and depending on the quality and nature of your book, it could open you to further opportunities such as speaking engagements, media appearances, coaching and consulting services, and podcast interviews and/or hosting. 

Your book establishes you as a leader in your field making you the go-to person in your industry. When you couple this with the ability of books to boost your visibility, it’ll make it easy for people to find and recognize you which in turn makes it easy to invite you for speaking engagements amongst other endeavours. Your book could also expose you to new partners and projects that would have otherwise been impossible if you hadn’t taken that first step of becoming a published author. 

  1. Builds a lasting legacy

Chinua Achebe. Buchi Emecheta. Christopher Okigbo. George Orwell. William Shakespeare. Charles Dickens. 

You might recognize a few or all of these names as literary giants in their respective nations and times but do you know what they all have in common? They are dead. This is one thing publishing a book will do for you that the average business card cannot – it will cause you to remain relevant long after you’re dead. 

A book is a preservation of your thoughts, ideas, and expertise and a testament to your existence and influence. Your book will serve as your voice when your mouth finally stops moving. It will extend your reach beyond the grave to mould, transform, and influence lives. Thousands of readers and authors today are the products of these dead giants and future generations will not be left out. For some of these authors, their books have gone on to become collectibles further helping to boost their visibility. 

The best part about publishing a book is that you don’t have to wait till you’re dead to start reaping the benefits; your books begins to speak for you as soon as you publish it and it doesn’t stop speaking till the end of time.

  1. Builds your personal brand

As individuals, we all have things we’re passionate about and when we take our passions a step further by publishing a book in line with them, it only goes to show how dedicated and committed you are. This is what your book does for you. It boosts your visibility, opens you to opportunities, builds your credibility, establishes your authority and boosts your online presence. Through your book, your audience will be able to tell you apart from others and get an insight into your personality. Without trying to, your book offers a peep into your life, personality and work which in turn influences how others interact with you.

I could go on about the merits of publishing your book however, I’d rather not overwhelm you.  

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Till we talk again. 

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