In this Authors’ Corner today, we bring to you an amazing exclusive interview with one of our special authors on Tebeba Platform, EMMANUEL FAMILUSI, a medical doctor by profession. He is the author of “The Difference”. In this interview, he talks about his journey into writing and how his professional life and Christian faith has impacted his writing and in turn blessed the lives of people. Join us as he shares exemplary lessons that redefines the lives of achievers and those who make a difference in their generation.

Emmanuel Familusi

Please, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am EMMANUEL FAMILUSI. I am a Christian and a medical doctor by profession.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an author and why did you decide to be one?

Well, for quite some time now, I have been writing short Christian articles which usually follow from my studies or reflections on things. (I naturally find it easier to express my thoughts in writing than in speaking, that was how I realized that there is grace for me in writing.)

I didn’t set out to be an author from the start; I just wanted to share my articles with people as usual. However, sometime in 2019, I sensed that God had something bigger. But it wasn’t until 2020 that I got the details in one of my studies — the title and the outline of which formed the framework for my first book, ‘The Difference’.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey as an author? What were the struggles or challenges you’ve encountered and surmounted along this journey?

It wasn’t much of a struggle for me, I must say. I knew God had led me, so I never for once struggled with the flow. However, when it got to the publishing stage, I was shocked at how much money I needed to put in to get a good job. The financial hurdle was a major challenge because I hadn’t prepared myself for such spending.

How did you come across TEBEBA Publishing firm and why did you choose TEBEBA as your publisher?

I have a friend who works with TEBEBA. She often uploads pieces of information about it on her social media page; I got to know about TEBEBA through her. I finally settled for this publishing firm because I felt a push towards it, despite having a friend who is also a publisher and was going to doing it for me at a cheaper cost.

Now, let’s talk about your book The Difference, What inspired you to write the book?

I was studying the lives of the first two Kings of Israel in the Bible and making my notes when I received the big picture. I understood that there is a huge difference between the lives of these Kings which largely illustrates our patterns of walk with God in this dispensation.

Emmanuel Familusi

What is your book about and who is it for?

‘The Difference’ reflects upon the differences that exist between any two people living upon the surface of the earth, in their disposition to God and the things of God, their honour for God and all that represent God. This book is for all — across all age groups and religious backgrounds — as it seeks to spur us into paying closer attention to the magnitude of our choices and how they influence our lives, marking out their differences with God’s purposes for our creation.

What is the major prerequisite of being in right standing with God?

A heart that honours God and His words. And speaking in New Testament terms, this is the heart that would accept God (through Christ) and be ready to do His will.

What constitutes a loyal heart God is searching?

Loyalty means a sense of faithful commitment to a course until the end. God is only searching for those who would be ready to commit themselves wholly to His course and His purpose for their existence.

Is it possible to gain independence outside of God and still walk in purpose?   

An utter no! This is a deception from the devil. Man always wants to seek alienation from God while still enjoying His blessings. We want to run our own business and still expect His certification on them. Not so. God is our Lord and Father, He has created us for a purpose, so only through Him can we find this and enjoy the pleasure of a glorious life.

What does it mean to walk in purpose?

This simply means to submit one’s life to the Father of all — God! Every machine is manufactured for a purpose, which it can only fulfill according to the manufacturer’s design. But if the machine wants otherwise, it will soon realize that it cannot make any sense by itself.

What are the evident difference between a man that serves God and one who does not?

Still following the description above, a machine does not have a purpose of its own but only thatp which the manufacturer designs it for. As long as it submits itself to that design, it remains relevant, but if otherwise, it becomes useless. It will exist but be dead while still living.

What steps can one take when waiting upon God and results seem not to be coming?

This is usually a very difficult period. No manufacturing process is ever a hasty one. That is why it is called a ‘process’. However, Man never likes to wait or be subjected to the demands of time and patience. On the other hand, God says that this is the only way character is formed: ‘It is the way I answer prayers. I have to work on you first before I give you what you’re asking for. I’m more interested in you than in your prayer points.’

So what do we do? Wait! Keep on waiting. And while waiting, trust that God is faithful and know that He loves you so much. He is not interested in making life difficult for you, no true father ever is. He loves you!

How can one be the difference?

Simply by agreeing and submitting to the Manufacturer and His purpose. Rebellion is in the heart of the natural man — rebellion against God and His ways. However, only through God can we find the true meaning to our lives and be ‘the beautiful difference’.

What inspires all you do today?

I know there is a purpose. I know there is a master plan. I know God has got a plan. When I sleep and wake up every morning, these are what keep me going. I know His plans are beautiful and they are the best I can ever have.

What has been your most memorable moment so far while working on your book project?

The whole book project itself. It has been an experience that has changed my life as a person. I have been humbled by the depths of revelations brought my way. I have my struggles, but as I reckon, God is faithful!

As an experienced author, what advice do you have for someone who wants to get his/her book published?

Well, be sure of your source. You need that so much to not put out just anything or so that it won’t even become an abandoned project. If you settle this, then you can get going, knowing that the fuel is there for the ride.

Which authors do you admire?

I read mostly Christian books and novels, so my favourite writers are Kenneth E. Hagin, E.W. Kenyon, A.W.  Tozer (all of the blessed memories); also Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury, to mention but a few.

What is the best piece of advice you have received as an author?

Don’t stop; keep pushing. A friend once told me, ‘I have a book project also, but I’ll wait for you to finish yours so I can learn from you.’ That was a heavy sense of responsibility I became so conscious of.

Do you intend to write more books and why?

Yes, of course. Usually, one will open doors for many more. And I trust my Source.

Where and how can we purchase your books?

Online orders for the eBook and paperback on Amazon and Lulu. EBooks only for Nigerian audience can be gotten through my publisher, TEBEBA. Hard copies would be available soon.

What are your final words to the audience?

You never can tell how far God will work with you and how beautiful your life will turn out if you would only yield to the Father of Life, the source of everything beautiful.

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