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Do you want customers to find your business online?

We offer built to perform, budget-friendly template-based and custom web designs and development services for individuals and businesses.

You won't have to write any code

We do all the heavy-lifting, setting up your template-design website or build you a custom site from scratch.

Your customers will find you quickly

We write SEO-friendly web content that helps you rank high on search engine result pages.

Customers can access and purchase your products and services on any device

We design your website to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Increase leads and sales

We ensure your website is optimized for conversion-persuading your visitors to take the desired action like signing up for your newsletter or buying a product.

Protect and secure customer details and information

We set up HTTPS/SSL to ensure authorization and secure transactions to run smoothly and protect party details.

Low-cost and low-tech maintenance

We use the WordPress platform for your website, making it easy to update and manage. It is a simple point-and-click, do-it-yourself maintenance.

What website do you want?

Make your online store accessible to customers all over the world

E-commerce Website

Share your knowledge, skills and expertise with your audience and get paid for it

E-learning Website

Share quality content and grow your brand

Blog-design Website

A website gives your business global reach...

Get credit alerts from countries around the world. Your audience and customers can access your business anywhere in the world and at anytime. You should leverage this opportunity and make it work for you.
Increase your business’ reputation. Consumers respect and assign a higher level of professionalism and confidence on businesses with websites.

Make money while you sleep. A website acts as a virtual manager, publicist, salesperson… It is so many offices rolled into one. People learn about your business and pay for your services and products without having any direct contact with you. 

Stand a chance to succeed in your industry. Chances are your competitors have companies. But in a time like this, where everyone is online, having a website gives you a competitive edge over companies without websites.

Why Tebeba is the company to set-up your website...

Do you have questions?... (See if we've answered any of them)

How does the process work?

After you pay, we’ll ask for your preferred domain name (www. yourname.com) then we set it up and design according to your taste.

How long does it take to set up my website?

2-4 weeks after payment. However, if you request a custom-design it may take about 12 weeks.

How much does an annual website maintenance cost?

You only have to renew your domain name and your web hosting annually.

How long will you give us technical support?

We offer free technical support for the first month after set-up. After that, our technical support costs N100,000 per annum.

How will I manage my website?

It is a simple process. We will walk you through it with some tutorials.


We are not lawyers. The terms of services and privacy policy provided serve as a starting point. Please seek legal advice for contracts and other agreements.

Is this a one-time investment?

Yes. Once we are done with the set-up, the website is in your hands. There is no recurring fee.

Increase your business' visibility at the lowest cost possible...

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