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Copywriting Services (Online and Print)

Increase your brand awareness. 

Generate more leads.

Increase conversion rates.

Grow your Email list.

Communicate more value.

Make more sales.

 Connect your business values with your customer needs…


You have a product, your customer has a need…

To persuade your target audience to take a specific action, You must show how your product best meets his need..

This is how you sell.

This is how you convert.

This is how you increase your brand awareness…

This is how you grow your customer base.

We specialize in persuasive copywriting And… Persuasive copywriting (the kind that converts and sells) is first a science; then an art; then science again…

Persuasive copywriting is not just writing. This is why many fail to achieve results with their copies.

Persuasive copywriting isn’t even first writing.

It is first:

Market research: if you want to fulfill your customer’s needs, you ‘need’ to know what his needs are. This is the first step in our work process.

Competition research: if you want to be at the top in your field, you have to know what those at the top are doing right (to do it better), to know what they are doing wrong (to make it right), and to know what they ought to do but aren’t doing (and use it to win even their own customers). This is the second step in our work process.

Writing: Here we sort out all the details and information we gathered from our research and write and re-write until the copy that will stick most to your target is prepared.

Wireframing: The copy is prepared and organised exactly the way it is to appear in print or online, along with suitable images, videos and graphics where necessary. All you need to do is print it out directly or upload it to your website or social media. We carry you along in the entire process and show you previews, so you’re satisfied with our work. However, while we carry you along, we will ask that you remember we are professionals in this field and trust us to draft copies that will get you your desired action.

Testing: Back to science. We will prepare a few variations in the writing and wireframing of the copies to know which variation brings in the highest conversions and sales. (This is done through A/B testing, split testing etc.) The copy that brings the best desired results is then adopted as your control copy.

This is in summary, our work process and how we guarantee great results with your business copies. 

Who are we?

We are the copywriting team at TEBEBA.

– We are fascinated with the psychology behind why people do what they do, why they make decisions the way they do.

– We are more interested in how to find out the psychology behind your target audience, customers. We find out their desires and pain points and connect your product/service as the best means to fulfilling their desires and alleviating their pains.

– We find out what questions keep them up at night and provide them the answers with your product and service.

– Writing highly effective copy-copy that converts and sells your product is our purpose.

– Convincing your potential customers to convert and buy is the end result of our work for you.

– Thereby achieving your business goals and objectives

– increasing your brand awareness; generating leads; converting prospects; selling products; and increasing your customer base. 

Find copy that does what it's supposed to do and what you want it to do...

Social Media Ads (Facebook ad, Instagram ads, Twitter ads).

– We help you leverage the use of social media to reach as many prospects as possible

– Prepare a digital marketing campaign for your product/service

– Optimize the copy to fit the format of the different social media platforms.

– Ad copy that sends leads to your website landing page

– Ad copy that generate sales 


Landing Pages.

– After leads have clicked through your online ad or found you on search engine result pages, we help you seal the deal and write copy that persuades him/her to convert

– Whether the call to action is submitting email; subscribing for a newsletter; downloading a free e-book; or outright sale of a product

– Following our rigorous work process, we prepare a landing page optimized for search engine, that does exactly what you want it to do, convince the prospects to answer the call to action.


Website Copy (Either or all of - home page, service page, about me page,. testimonials, etc.)

– The importance of a website cannot be exagerrated in this modern times. Your website is your virtual office

– First we conduct a website audit to discover the issues that may be negatively affecting your conversion rates (this will determine if we are to write your copy from scratch or to modify the existing copy.)

– We’ll send you a questionnaire asking for details to help find the Unique Selling Points for your brand and primary services

– We go ahead to draft the pages of your website you request for and optimize them for Search Engine and higher conversion rates

– We create variations of the copy for A/B testings so you may adopt the one the gives the most desired result.


Sales Copy (Including website sales pages, sales letter etc.)

– You need copywriting to sell more products and services.

– We’ll send you a questionnaire asking for details to help find the Unique Selling Points for your brand and primary benefits and features of the product/service

– We go ahead to draft the sales copy you request for – Optimize it for Search Engine and higher conversion rates

– We create variations of the copy for A/B testings so you may adopt the one the gives the most desired result. 


Billboards, Flyers and Banners (Online and print)

– Seize the opportunity to reach your target both online and offline.

– We’ll prepare these copies to promote your products, seminars, conferences, concerts, and other events.

– With this class of copy, you have a very short time and space to have impact on your prospect.

– We take this into consideration in drafting the headline, sub-heads, using bullet points to make it easier to read. And structuring it to be effective. 


Let Us Write Your Copy

Tell us about your desired copy or your desired expectations (if you’re not sure of what copy to request and we’ll advise you accordingly) and we’ll get to work immediately.

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