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An Effective and Straight-forward Approach to Content Research and Development.

Content research and development can be incredibly confusing and frustrating as there are millions of resources out there to sift through.

We save you all that trouble with our services in...



Good content on your website and blog is the difference between wasting your time and creating higher Return on Investment...

…For your business, we know exactly what to write about and how to write about it, to:

Drive traffic to and promote engagement on your blog and website

We prepare content (articles, blog posts, etc.) that resonates with your target audience. By directly addressing their problems, questions, desires and latest trend

Get noticed by your potential customers

Gain more visibility and increase your brand awareness.
We provide SEO-friendly content and carry out promotion to attract your ideal audience- those your products and services are for. Thus, connecting your business to your customers.

Find your voice: stand out from your competition

We work out a custom-strategy most suited for your brand. We curate content from an intersection of your business skills and passion; then target a defined audience that finds your content indispensable.

Build trust with your audience

This helps to avoid preparing content that sounds like a sales-pitch (the type of content consumers consciously try to avoid.)

Create a passionate community around your brand

Build a loyal audience/customer base.
We prepare really great content that doesn’t only keep your readers wanting more but
also encourages them to share and disseminate your message to a larger group of readers-Increasing your digital reach.

Build an audience you can sell to

By repeatedly and consistently offering free yet quality information to your audience, it deepens their relationship with your brand. This makes it easier to sell to them and makes them more willing to buy from you.

Article writing

Content strategy, research and development 

We provide content that draws in your audience, persuading them to take actions that ultimately increase your income.

We have a team of professionals who write articles on any topic and have them delivered to you within 24 hours or more depending on the quantity of articles you request.

Step 1:

fill the form below write your article topic(s) and the scope you want covered.

Step 2:

Enter the number of words you want the article(s) to be.

Step 3:

We’ll send you a fee based on the level of work and payment details.

Step 4:

Make your payment.

Step 5:

Get your articles.

Do I really need content for my business?

> If you use social media for your business, you need content.

> If you want to get on the digital map with road signs pointing customers your way, you need content.

> If you want to be regarded as a thought-leader in your field, you need content.

> If you want to win customers on the internet, you need content.

> If you want customers who live outside your physical location, you need content.

> If you want to develop a relationship with your audience, you need content.

> Content strategy, research and development drive content marketing which is the subtle form of marketing where you provide valuable information to your audience, encouraging them to take actions that would be beneficial to them, like signing up for your newsletters or downloading your free e-book.

> With every content, you encourage them to take little actions that drive them down the sales funnel, till they reach the point where they trust and have confidence in your business and what it could help them achieve or become, enough to pay you for it.

Okay, but why do I need a content researcher and developer?

> Because creating good content is a commitment.

> Because content development without content strategy is nothing.

> Because it can be daunting to try and learn strategy and to implement it on your own.

> Because you may have the time but the thought of blogging, producing videos, swipe posts or any kind of content, stresses you out.

> Employing the services of a content researcher and developer takes care of all that needs to be done- producing quality content, increasing your audience base and boosting your income.

> But most importantly, putting your mind at rest knowing you are maximizing all opportunities that come your way, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Our Work Process at TEBEBA.

At TEBEBA, we work to ensure your messaging and execution are impeccably prepared. Then coupled with research done on your target audience and market-we prepare a custom-strategy suited to achieve your business goals. Even if you need only articles written, they’re written in view of the latest trends, audience pains and desires, in the niche your article topic(s) address.

The content strategy for your business is set-up with your audience in mind- as they are the end-consumers of your content. Their innermost desires, pains, wants are channelled during the content research and development process, prompting them to take the desired action at every stage.

This being our job, we have the time and resources to develop content on a consistent basis to win your customers to your business. We set up a publishing calendar schedule, with date and topics. This also involves repurposing old posts. This is where we refresh, update, review and revise old contents and posts to make them continually current and relevant to your target.

We test and measure the results of our efforts for your business and re-strategise whenever and however necessary to ensure you continually achieve your business goals. We don’t do guesswork, we only carry out actionable, achievable and practical steps to help you actualize your goals.

Answers to some questions we believe you may have...

What type of business or niche do you provide content for?

We write articles and prepare content for all types of businesses and on all niches. We have a team of professionals whose work is conducting research and preparing valuable content no matter the field or business.

Can I make specific content request?

Yes, you may. While we handle all processes from topics to date of upload, you may request for specific content and how it should be tailored. For article writing, this is what the ‘topic description’ field is for.

How long does it take to start preparing content for my business?

3-5 working days after you’ve made payment. 24-72 hours for articles.

How will you know the content type that is best suited for my business and audience?

After payment, we’ll conduct an interview with you to know more about your business goals, expectations and potential customers. Then we carry out further research to come up with a strategy that works best. We’ll also monitor our efforts to know what’s working, what isn’t and where to adjust to ensure you get your desired results.

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