You need a writing coach? Get one now!

Writing is a mental draining skill but imagine the joy you’d feel by knowing how to write effectively and effortlessly? Definitely, you’d feel very great.

You not only owe yourself the joy of fulfilment but also the satisfaction that you have made a contribution that would bless generations to come. Shakespeare, Einstein, and all the great men in different fields put their ideas on paper, either by writing, painting, or drawing. Writing is one of the best forms of preservation

It’s an important skill everyone ought to have today. Irrespective of what field you write on or intend to write on, your writing matters to this world and the future generations.

That said, do you even have this great skill of writing in you but you don’t even know how to monetize it? Writing, like any other skill can be monetized. Gone are those days where writers are seen as hungry people. If you have a writing skill, you can build a passive income for yourself through it.

Or do you want to publish a book but you don’t know how? All these are the various challenges that besiege a lot of people when it comes to writing. We at TEBEBA understand this better because our very own coaches have gone through the processes.

One of our coach was just like you, passionate, full of desire and certain of his calling to write. However, the road wasn’t easy, but he was able to triumph.

So do you need a professional coach to walk you through and guide you on how to publish your own bestselling book, write effectively or monetize writing, then you need not look further. You are in the right place.

Over the past one year, TEBEBA, with its team of exceptional writers/coaches have coached over 100 writers.

We’ve trained writers of different fields, fiction and non-fiction, on how to be influential and get paid for their writing services.


One of our clients, Oluwafolakemi Ibidokun

Has this to say about our coaching session:

 “Mr Emmanuel Olatunji does know his onions when it comes to the art of writing.”

Are you ready to bless this world and our future generations; would you rather get bruised while trying to find your way or would you accept help?

Click here now to start building your influence as a writer. Your dreams shouldn’t wait. Remember there are limited spaces and they fill up fast.

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