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Before jumping at the writing challenge, you must know what TEBEBA and TEBEBA School of Writing are.

TEBEBA, the home of exceptional possibilities, is a writing and publishing organisation offering writing and publishing solutions. TEBEBA fulfils her writing and publishing dreams through exceptional ghostwriting, publishing and printing services. Founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, TEBEBA is a Nigeria and United States of America registered company. 

To help you achieve your writing and publishing dreams, TEBEBA offers:

TEBEBA is a result-oriented company and has:

When people saw the notable works produced by TEBEBA, they reached out in their numbers to associate with and get trained by the company. In pursuance of the teaching passion of Emmanuel Olatunji, the TEBEBA School of Writing was birthed. TEBEBA School of Writing is the organiser of this writing challenge, and the online academy aims to help people develop practical life skills that can help them build influence, make more impact, and generate more profit. 

TEBEBA School of Writing offers a wide range of profitable courses, such as:

  • Influential Writing Framework
  • Effective Writing
  • Grammar Mastery
  • Content Writing
  • Ghostwriting Mastery
  • Writing monetisation

In one year, the TEBEBA School of Writing has trained and certified over 100 students.

Every student that passed through the School of Writing always has remarkable testimonials. Here are a few:

As a way of giving back to society, positively influencing more people and helping people discover their talents, TEBEBA School of Writing is organising a 31 days writing challenge which will run from August 1st 2023 to August 31st 2023.

The Tebeba School of Writing Challenge is an online writing challenge for everyone who:

The writing challenge has been fashioned in a unique way that will help you become a better writer at the end of the writing challenge. Even if you are not a writer, participating in this writing challenge will bring out the writer in you.

Unlike other common writing challenges that are judged by the highest number of engagement, this writing challenge will test your writing capability by able writing judges, so rest assured that this is a skill test over an audience test.

Unlike other common writing challenges that are judged by the highest number of engagement, this writing challenge will test your writing capability by able writing judges, so rest assured that this is a skill test over an audience test.

The writing challenge will hold on participants’ Facebook timelines, and participants are allowed to submit a maximum of two entries daily. The 31 days writing challenge will only hold on Mondays to Saturdays so that participants can rest on Sundays. A daily writing prompt will be given to all participants, which must be used for the first daily entry, while the second entry will be on the chosen niches of participants. All entries must exclude topics that have to do with:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Profanity
  • Gender war
  • Promotion of personal brands or brands of friends and associates. 
  • Advertisement of goods, services, and courses.

The rules and regulations guiding this writing challenge are:

  1. You must write consistently for 30 days non-stop. 
  2. You must tag Emmanuel Olatunji Ega on every post on Facebook. 
  3. You must add the hashtag #tebebaschoolofwritingchallenge to every post. 
  4. You must choose a  niche to write on for the next 30 days.
  5. You must write on the daily writing prompts. 
  6. Your writing-prompt article must be 250 words. While your niche article must be 500 words. 
  7. Ensure you write to the best of your ability, as poorly-written articles will reduce your points. 
  8. Ensure your articles are written and edited by you.
  9. Your articles must not have websites, phone numbers, or email addresses.
  10. Every attached picture must be of good quality.

Why should you participate in this writing challenge?

  • It will help you grow your audience
  • It will help you discover your hidden talents
  • Allow you the opportunity to impact lives
  • It will boost your visibility as a valuable being
  • It will stretch you to become a better writer
  • It will make networking with other writers easier for you.

Also, participating in the TEBEBA School of Writing challenge gives you a chance to get the following prizes:

Participating in this writing challenge is free, but registration is compulsory. 

Register for the TEBEBA School of Writing Challenge here

Meet the TEBEBA School of Writing Challenge Judges


Amina Grace Japhlet

Amina Grace Japhlet is an Editor, Proofreader and Writer.

As the Founder/Team Lead of AGJ Editorials, she works with authors and writers to clean up their manuscripts and make them fit for publication. She also renders ghostwriting and content-writing services

She is passionate about late-blooming women because she believes they can achieve anything they set their hearts to, age notwithstanding.

She also loves serving as a volunteer for causes she believes in.

God, family, time, and everything positive are valuable to her.

She is married and lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her family.


Gbemisola Oluwasina

Gbemisola Oluwasina is also known as Elegant Inker. She is committed to helping (personal, business, corporate) brands accelerate their visibility, influence and profit through writing services and coaching. These areas of service and coaching range from: creative writing, content writing, editing and proofreading, ghost writing, content strategy consultation, transcription to copy writing.

She has worked with 10+ brands, authors and writers. She has had her poems and articles published in magazines, too. These include: PenPros.E’s Golden Lines anthology (2020), Writers Space Africa magazine (2020), two editions of (Beyond) Colours magazine (2020 and 2022) as well as two editions of Edu Times Africa magazine (2023).

Gbemisola has honoured 20+ virtual speaking invitations from 2020 till date. These engagements covered topics around: writing, content creation, online business, social media positioning, public speaking, (self) leadership, the Christian faith and albinism.

She is n ardent believer that individuals are responsible for the achievement of organisational and national goals. She is a lover of Abba and of the progress of others. She likes to sing, to learn other languages and to make beaded articles. She Ioves the colours, purple and lemon.

Lukas Emmanuel Adarabioyo

Lukas Emmanuel Adarabioyo is a man of many talents, accomplishments, and passions. As a proficient writer, he has made a lasting impact on the literary community with the publication of three books that showcase his creativity, insight, and empathy. “The Smiling Tears of Mariama,” “The Money You Should Have,” and “Essay Made Easy” are not just books but reflections of his values, experiences, and aspirations.

In addition to his writing skills, Lukas is also an engaging public speaker who has graced countless programs with his eloquence, charisma, and wisdom. He has a gift for connecting with people from all walks of life and inspiring them to think critically, act courageously, and pursue their dreams.

One of Lukas’s most notable achievements was winning first place in an essay competition organized by UNICEF in the Gambia. This recognition not only validated his writing talent but also highlighted his commitment to social justice, education, and human rights.

Currently, Lukas serves as a project officer for Women Pathfinder (NGO) where he uses his skills and knowledge to educate others and make a positive impact on women’s lives. He is a certified writer from the Tebeba School of Writing and has a certificate on leadership from Africa Impact Alliance Leadership Institute where he became the president for Cohort 3 in the Gambia. He is also the program director for Optics Teachers Training Institute where he helps teachers to improve their teaching skills and enhance students’ learning outcomes.


Onojowho Oghenefejiro Elohor

Onojowho Oghenefejiro Elohor is an exceptional young lady with a passion for personal development and youth empowerment. She has volunteered for several social and nonprofit organisations, as well as taken up several leadership positions.

She is a professional editor and proofreader, and currently works with Tebeba Global Publishing Ltd.

Moyinoluwa Daisy

Moyinoluwa Daisy is the founder of Moyinoluwa’s Writing Academy. She’s a trained content writer, book editor and proofreader, copywriter.

She has trained and certified over 800 students in the space of 3 years.

She is passionate about Writing and Coaching.

She currently works as a Book Proofreader and editor at TEBEBA Publishing Limited.


Dear [Potential Brand Sponsor],

We are delighted to present you with a remarkable opportunity to join forces with the TEBEBA School of Writing to make a notable impact on the global writing community and unleash your brand’s potential.

The TEBEBA School of Writing has emerged as a distinguished learning platform dedicated to producing exceptional writers. In just one year of its existence, we have successfully trained over 100 individuals, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to unleash their creative potential. Our graduates have achieved remarkable accomplishments, including publishing books and maximising writing as an effective tool for problem-solving, among other things.

Our upcoming writing challenge tagged TEBEBA School of Writing Challenge Season 1.0 aims to give back to the writing community, inspire writers and discover new talents. As an active sponsor, your brand will benefit from enhanced visibility and global recognition.

We offer two sponsorship categories tailored to suit the budget and goals of brands and individuals of all sizes. Let’s explore the exclusive benefits each category provides:

Premium Sponsorship

Starting from

500,000 to 1,000,000
  • Premium sponsors will have access to:
  • Weekly Brand Promo: Reach a vast audience through powerful marketing videos that will be shared on TEBEBA School of Writing’s social media channels, creating a lasting impression and enhancing brand visibility.
  • Prime Exposure: Your brand logo will be conspicuous on all writing challenge-related marketing materials, including the official website, social media posts, etc.
  • Exclusive Recognition: Get mentioned as a premium sponsor during the writing challenge, emphasising your commitment to the writing community and establishing a powerful connection with talented writers.

Basic Sponsorship

Starting from

50,000 to 200,000
  • The opportunities include:
  • Challenge Mentions: Your brand will be mentioned during the writing challenge, ensuring valuable visibility and recognition
  • Social Media Exposure: Benefit from our extensive social media presence, including mentions and tags on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Connect with our engaged community and gain additional exposure through our active social media channels.

Benefits for All Sponsors

  • Targeted Reach: Reach a worldwide audience of at least 200,000 people through strategically placed Facebook and Instagram ads. Leverage this opportunity to expand your brand’s visibility globally and establish connections with potential customers.
  • Social Media Exposure: Tap into TEBEBA School of Writing’s vast online community, comprising passionate writers and literary enthusiasts, by leveraging their extensive social media reach.
  • Writing Community Appreciation: Demonstrate your commitment to giving back to the writing community, inspiring writers, and reawakening the writing spirit through this exceptional initiative.
  • Discover New Talent: Play an instrumental role in uncovering emerging writers, providing a platform for their work, and supporting their literary aspirations.

Regardless of the sponsorship level, we encourage sponsors to be active on social media platforms to maximise their impact. By sharing updates, encouraging participants, and leveraging our hashtags, your brand will amplify its presence, generate meaningful interactions, and convert new customers.

Sponsoring this writing challenge will contribute to our mission of empowering writers globally, and allow you to spread the wings of your brand on the global scene.

We invite you to increase your brand’s power and establish a meaningful partnership with the TEBEBA School of Writing. Let’s collaborate to create a sponsorship package that specifically aligns with your brand’s values and objectives.

To discuss further details and explore how we can tailor this partnership to meet your specific goals, please contact us at 08186808323.

Thank you!

Warmest regards,

The TEBEBA Writing Challenge Season 1.0 Team

TEBEBA School of Writing

TEBEBA Global Publishing.


Everyone is eligible to participate in the writing challenge.

No, the writing challenge is open to everyone, regardless of where you were trained.

Yes, the writing challenge will even help you grow your audience

Competent writing judges will scrutinise all entries and decide the winner.

You can’t lose either! Beyond the stated prizes attached, the whole experience is a lesson worth millions of dollars.

Everyone has the writing skill in them; if you do not participate, you might not discover yours.

Register for the Writing Challenge below

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