Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our website is open for valuable advertisement


Generally payments are made in our website or transferred into the company’s account through mobile transfer, direct deposit and ATM transfer

Payment for goods are normally made before delivery but for services, it can be negotiated.


We are only open to instalment payment when the product involved is a service to be rendered. However, the method of instalment payment will be discussed during negotiations.

Goods are delivered 24hrs after payment is confirmed and Services are delivered to you as soon as agreed during negotiations.


Yes, whatever you order from us online can be sent to you irrespective of your location.

Our customer service runs 24/7, and as such, purchases can be made anytime of the day.

Yes, we offer personal coaching and grooming session to interested client

Integrity is our watchword at Tebeba Global Service. We are professionals at what we do and over the years we have built a good name and trust and as such we respect the intellectual works of our clients.

We deliver all written work at the initial agreed time during negotiation.

Yes, you can visit our office address at Ikorodu Lagos. You can also put a call through to us via our phone numbers.

We’ve got two types of online courses: evergreen and closed courses. The evergreen courses are opened to clients for a long period of time while the closed courses are for a specific time which will be specified.

Yes, our training and coaching session require online participation but on few occasions we offer face to face coaching and training session to individuals on demand.

Yes, we give special and much needed attention to persons who suffer disabilities yet want to be a money making and influential writer.


At TEBEBA, we undertake both ebook and hard copy publishing.

Books will be delivered as agreed on the day of negotiation.

Of course ,  but it is subject to negotiations

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