Don’t publish that written work without proper editing

Most humans judge a book by its cover but they judge the author by the content. As much as you love to be “raw”, your well written work is what gives people the confidence they need to believe in your message.

As much as editing and proofreading your own work yourself is good, having a professional editor or proofreader work on your manuscript or written pieces is what the most respected authors do.

When you sit to edit after drafting your book, your eyes will most likely be reading from what you intended to write and not what is actually written. This gets your mind flying past and ignoring grammatical and typographical errors in your document.

Your flow of ideas may not even be passing your intended message across at all. A professional editor will help you spot and correct that.

Don’t allow the meaning of your message get lost in the sea of avoidable blunders.

Just an error in spelling and your reader has already formed an opinion of you. To him, you don’t value the message enough to take your time to ensure no error filters through to the final copy in print.

This is the number one cause of loss of readership. No one wants to come back to read from someone who is too hasty to notice there is a difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’.

It looks so harmless until you spend a lot on getting new readers for your books only to get so many bad reviews stating quite frankly: “amateur author, filled with typos.”

This type of comments and reviews can kick you off the writing domain if it continues. You can confirm from Amazon kindle.

We are here to help protect your delicate ego.

We are going to ensure your work, your heartfelt message gets across to your audience in the most purified and refined form.

Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about our services.

Apostle Peter Oloje

 “Emmanuel and his team worked tirelessly to see to the successful completion of my book C-MYTH. They were even involved in the official book launch. They go far and beyond what you ask or even expect. I will be working with them in the future.”

Joseph Theophilus Kehinde

 “When I was done writing my first manuscript titled “My Purpose My Drive”, I submitted it to TEBEBA. I must confess that the job was not just neat but my message was beautified in a more professional way.

“Are you an author or you are in need of an editor and publisher to help you bring out your message and make your book a demanding one? TEBEBA Global Services is the right one for you.

“Conclusively, I want to sincerely appreciate the CEO and the entire team of TEBEBA Global Services for their work well done. Every of my work has been done awesomely and perfectly. Sincerely, their performances and presentations beat my expectations.”

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