"This little light of mine."

"I'm gonna let it shine."

Do you remember that sweet old

It’s an inspiring song. It’s a song which tells a person that he/she won’t forever be here with his/her little light. It tells a person to let his/her light shine, to allow others benefit from his/her gift. The light, no matter how little, triumphs over darkness. Even a twinkle is useful as a guide when allowed to shine.

So many people go through life holding on to their little lights, guarding it jealously as if allowing it to shine will hurt them.

Yes, your light is little but it is still light. your light is little but someone will be glad to see with it.

Let it shine.

  • You've gotten the inspiration? Pen it down.
  • You've penned it down? Develop it.
  • You've developed it? Edit and have it proofread.
  • And when you're done with that, by all means, get it published.
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