Dear Marketer/Entrepreneur,this is your unfair advantage.

No longer do you need to sit by and watch your competition steal your customers. Haba, that is your money going to another man’s pocket! If you’ve ever lost money via non-profitable ads placement either through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads or any other platforms, this is your unfair advantage. If your competition has ever beaten you by unjustly lowering the price to a point where you couldn’t compete anymore and had to surrender, this is your turn to be unfair.

If you've ever had to invest so much to organize a seminar, rent hall, rent multimedia gadgets only to have 4 people show up, now you can play your return match. If you have ever lost a sale simply because the customer felt he couldn't trust you as someone new in the industry, come back here, you need to get it done right and win that sale.

Of all the reasons why sales are lost, one of the most important reasons is bad or poorly written sales copy.

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Sales copy is expected to capture your customers’ attention and hold it down till they take the action you want of them. Your sales copy should also be able to weed out the non-buyers from those who are willing to buy. Also, a good sales copy does not only seek to convince but it also corrects wrong impressions, answers questions and help overcome objections. A good sales copy is one that can tell your story in a way that resounds with your audience and forces them to act. It establishes trust, shows commitment and care and ultimately convinces whoever is reading it that he/she is making the right decision by taking the specific action you requested of them. Your competition does not know how to get all these done… That’s your unfair advantage. Your competition is yet to discover that the same product you’re both selling at the same price can be sold for even higher and still attract more buyers than the cheaper one. Your competition is yet to understand the secret to getting a sales content that will be so persuasive that your customer will even have to borrow to get whatever it is you’re offering. 

Listen to me now.

You are not failing because of your price. You’re losing because your customers are not convinced enough to buy from


The Solution is

If you're looking for a compelling copy that will

  • Tell your story.
  • highlight the features of your product.
  • showcase the benefits of doing business with you and choosing you in preference to others.
  • help your customers overcome their objections.
  • Convince your customers to bring out their ATM card and make payments.
  • Go into the future and answer the burning questions of your customers.
  • and finally help them feel good and feel right about the decision to heed to your call to action.

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