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Typesetting, Editing, Post Editing, Book Design ,Proofreading, Printing, Market Research and  all other needed but stressful activities that make up the process called Book Publishing.

Yes, I have been looking for an opportunity to publish a book

Book Publishing refers to all activities contained in the process of getting your already written material to the final audience in the form of a printed book. For someone who has never passed through the process before, it looks easy at first until you get into the process proper.

Many would-have-been authors have abandoned wonderful pieces of creativity in literature form simply because they couldn’t either find a publisher willing to work understandably with them or because they got frustrated along the path of trying to publish their books on their own.

 We want you to succeed. We don’t want you to join the statistics of unpublished writers who could have changed the world but stop dead on their tracks very close to the fulfilment of their dreams.

Imagine after going through dreamy days and sleepless nights of getting word out of your head unto paper or your computer. Imagine spending hours of productive time and resources in the research, analysis and orderly presentation of original thoughts. Now imagine allowing all that effort, that priceless piece hiding away under several piles of similar others on your desk or lost amidst hundreds of documents on your laptop. And why? The stressful and time consuming rigor of Book Publishing? Oh no.

That shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t have to deal with those greedy publishers who are out to milk authors dry. You should take the biggest share of the rewards of your labor. And dealing with book designers, printers, typesetters, proofreaders, editors and marketers all by yourself shouldn’t be the only alternative too.

Your redemption is here.

We don’t want to waste such a long time in getting this gem of yours out to your readers. They are waiting now. Not all ideas are timeproofed, we are sure you know that.

If you think the idea is only with you, think again. A man we know very well was hoping to publish a book titled ‘Business of Your Talents’ in the early 2000’s. He spent about 6 months working seriously on the book and gave it to 2 other friends of his to edit and proofread for him. After a full year had gone in between when the idea dropped on his mind and the completion of the draft, he set out to publish. He first started by seeking out big publishers who he believed would do justice to the publishing of it.

However, two more years were wasted bargaining and negotiating fruitlessly with the publishing houses who were bent on giving him peanuts for his own original works. After a while, he decided to quit looking for a publisher to work with and do it all on his own. It’s not that hard isn’t it?

Long story short. Five years later, a book by the same title was published by someone else and this time, it was so popular that going ahead now with his own book will make him look like he copied. Sadly, the book with all the time and efforts wasted there in manuscript form on his working table at home.

Imagine if he captured the market first. Imagine if he got the right publisher willing to help him without being greedy. Imagine that instead of getting frustrated and quitting, he finally got the book published, launched and went on to become a bestselling author with so many other books to publish… Just imagine.

Finally, imagine if you can go back in time and show him the way… Give him our contact and saved his writing career, get his book published and get him to launch it using tactical strategies and eventually get him to become a bestselling author. He would be so grateful. Hey, he might even write a book in your name… Smiles.

Now, this is what you will do.

If you’re currently writing a book or know someone who is, you will hit the contact us button below and immediately get us involved. We can’t afford to allow you go through the heart-breaking process again. We have all that taken care of for you already. If you are done with your book and you’re still looking for a smart experienced and exceptional book publisher who will work out favourable terms with you, the contact us button awaits your click now.

We are bent on elevating you from the point of publishing a book in your mind to actually doing so in reality.

Remember, those that dream, dream at night. And those that achieve dreams don’t do so in their sleep. They are action takers.

Join the league of Published Authors today. Dent the world. Leave a legacy and preserve your name in the libraries of the world.

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